Infrastructure Services


Designing an IT environment to support your line of business (LOB) systems, business analytics software, or other mission-critical applications, is more than a “sizing exercise” or “plug-n-play”.   It is an inter-related project of its own, which is key to the success of any overall technology solution.  To ensure a successful infrastructure implementation, the entire portfolio of applications must be considered.

Issues including cost, goals and objectives surrounding required uptime and disaster recovery, new technology trends, virtualization, security, bandwidth requirement, existing workloads and perhaps multi-environmental transitional plans, are only a few areas of discussion that need to be taken into account.

Our IT infrastructure service helps clients in multiple industries select, design, and implement the most appropriate technology for their business environments, and then assists to customize these selected technologies to specific client needs.  Our client-focused approach helps you drive maximum results from your investment and enhance the productivity of your business, while reducing capital requirements and operating costs.

DoubleDigi Infrastructure Expertise

  • 20 years experience with infrastructure design and implementation
  • Partner with leading technology companies
  • Innovation center for proofs of concept, demonstrations, and briefings